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The TENDLITE PLEDGE! We are so confident in our products ability to relieve your pain that we pledge to you a 60 day risk free money back guarantee! You have up to 60 days from time of purchase to treat your pain with the TENDLITE RISK FREE TRIAL. If you are not completely satisfied, return for a full refund!
We think every pain sufferer should have the opportunity to try this great device without worrying about losing their hard earned money.

Although this awesome tool has made a huge impact on the lives of so many pain suffers (as described by many Amazon verified purchaser testimonials), not every single person, or every single pain condition will benefit from red light therapy or any other single treatment for that matter. There is no one size fits all when it comes to pain. Medicine is not a exact science like Math.
Every type of treatment has "non-responders”. Not all sources of pain are correctly identified, and there are many reasons a particular therapy may not work in individual cases.

It is because of this, that we offer the Tendlite Pledge. If you are not completely satisfied with our product up to 60 days after purchasing, we offer a full money back guarantee. We want everybody to have the chance, risk free, to see if the Tendlite will provide them with much needed pain relief.
We can do this, because the science, medical studies and countless patient and physician success stories prove the benefits of this type of therapy in the vast majority of people. More than 97% of the population see great results with Light Therapy.

We value and respect all of our customers and understand the frustration that accompanies unresolved pain. We hope, since light therapy did not relieve your pain, that you will find something else that safely provides you relief very soon.

Fortunately, trying the Tendlite truly is risk free, because not only will one get a refund if they don’t get better, but this LED red light wavelength does not cut or burn so you will not risk aggravating an existing ailment. The only risk, if you can call it that, is the couple minutes per day spent treating your pain with Tendlite. We know of no pharmaceutical companies that refund your money if you don’t get better when their medicines do not work, or worse, cause you nasty side effects.