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About Us

TENDLITE - The Secret to Your Pain-Free Living

For years, NASA scientists have studied and applied proven Red light Phototherapy technology to provide pain relief and speed up healing. Until recent technological breakthroughs in high-powered LED lighting, it took far too much money and machinery to produce effective at home or even medical office based phototherapy devices. The required light energy output was not possible in a compact, affordable medical device. Fortunately, technology has finally caught up. We are proud to introduce the Tendlite®.

Seven years ago a Cal Tech Engineer specializing in LED technology, approached husband & wife business partners, Ken & Leticia, about launching an LED red light medical device for pain relief. Ken, a pain sufferer himself, had worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years, and was very impressed with this evidence based technology that could treat pain without the usual side effects of medication. His wife, a successful e-commerce specialist, had recently lost a young cousin to a heart attack brought on by years of high dose prescription drug therapy used to treat severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She wanted to brand and market this drug free device to as many pain sufferers as possible. She knew that with her expertise in e-commerce, and Ken's healthcare knowledge, they could build a brand and an internet based distribution system that would bring this great product directly to pain sufferers everywhere. They knew that evidence showed the latest high power LEDs were just as effective for pain management as some expensive laser machines, only safer! Once this product was FDA cleared, Ken and Leticia needed to see for themselves how good the product really was before branding it and bringing it to market. They brought it to doctors, trainers, athletes and everyday pain sufferers to see if this device was able to produce the results they were hoping for. Fortunately, the feedback was tremendous. People really saw incredible improvement in pain, and they saw it fast, without drug side effects! Now was time to develop the best strategy to educate the public on red light pain relief, build a brand, and bring this new medical device to market. The goal was to provide a quality product and make it affordable for patients. Meanwhile, this was in sharp contrast with the drug and insurance companies that were doing everything to raise their prices and squeeze people for more profits.

Knowing final costs can be two to three times higher in the stores due to middlemen, they utilized Leticia’s e-commerce expertise and launched Tendlite online, educating and building awareness through social media, providing access to articles and studies on red light therapy, practitioner testimonials, and working with trainers and athletes. Tendlite has since seen tremendous growth, because our customers love our product and we strive to provide excellent customer support.

The Tendlite® team is honored to have had such a positive impact on tens of thousand of lives. Please read our verified consumer reviews to see how Tendlite® has helped so many pain sufferers around the world. We are confident we can help you too.