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Phone Number?

We understand your concern about not having a traditional, phone based customer service system. At this time we follow a completely online business model. We feel this represents the current state of technology and adaptation to social media and internet communications.

Much of our business is international, involving customers in many time zones around the world. Rather than running a 24hr call service out of someplace overseas, where the operators would have limited knowledge about a medical technology, we feel we can provide better service through internet based customer service.

A number one consumer complaint of customer service in general, is long telephone hold times and incompetent customer service phone reps. We don't want to gain this reputation. Our system gives us the ability to analyze customer questions and if necessary, consult with one of our engineers to give more complete and accurate responses. Emails also give us a way to better monitor and improve our customer service.

We strive to return emails promptly. If you have any problems or questions about the Tendlite itself, we are happy to address them. Please understand that we are unable to give medical advice. If you have a specific issue or question that you still feel can't be addressed via email in the future, please provide us with a phone number where you can be reached. We will have someone contact you.

All the best,
Team Tendlite