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Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome - The Best Carpal-Tunnel Therapy

Many people suffer from Carpal-tunnel Syndrome and seek a way to get relief from the pain. Carpal-Tunnel TreatmentThere are many treatment for carpal-tunnel out there that may help you deal with the pain. There are many cold and hot therapies that may help with the pain. There are some treatments like the LED red light therapy, that have become a popular non-invasive way of treating carpal-tunnel pain. It has been showing very good results with patients, helping them to cope and reverse the disability.

What is Carpal-tunnel Syndrome?


Carpal-tunnel syndrome is the inflammation of the tendons in the carpal-tunnel in the wrist and it can be caused by a number of different things. It usually afflicts people who actively use their hands, like sports players or writers. It can be a very painful and debilitating disorder if left untreated. Carpal-tunnel syndrome can be present with mild to unbearable levels of pain. In extreme cases surgery may be a necessary resolution, but in regular cases it can often be treated with light therapy for carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Light Therapy for Carpal-tunnel Syndrome


There are many different methods of treating carpal-tunnel syndrome . Light therapy has been praised to be a great non-invasive solution to treating carpal-tunnel syndrome. There is now an FDA cleared LED red light therapy device, that does not emit any harmful UV rays, the new Tendlite sold by the Lummina Group. This advanced technology, was developed out of NASA's labs and has been proven to be effective on carpal-tunnel patients, helping to relief the inflammation that causes the pain on their wrists. The light treatment for carpal-tunnel syndrome works by emitting therapeutic waves of red LED light deep in the inflamed area of the joint. These pain-free waves of red light penetrate the tissue reaching the carpal-tunnel directly, which makes it more effective than a tradition hot water bag . The LED red light treatment, provided by the Tendlite Medical Device, can be used for other ailments as well such as arthritis or other disabilities that may because you pain in the joints. Now you no longer have to suffer with joint pain, with this new gadget you can treat yourself at home for a fraction of the price. This LED medical grade device is safer than other gadgets that use laser. Lasers can actually burn the skin, if not used properly, while LEDs use the same therapeutic wavelength but pose no danger.