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  • Fast Joint Pain Relief with TenDlite
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TenDlite Fast JOINT PAIN RELIEF | NEW Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic Red LED Light Therapy

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Product Description

TenDlite® is an Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Light Therapy Device. The deep penetration of the light, is essential to reach the injured tissue and photo-activate the production of cellular energy, known as ATP. This process is important, as it naturally accelerates the local cell's metabolism, which instantaneously activates the body's self healing mechanism.

The Pain is usually reduced from 8 to 2 right away, getting better and better with the treatment progression. This instant pain relief generated by TenDlite® medical grade technology, is due to the immediate restoration of optimal blood circulation to the deep tissue, reducing inflammation and the waste constrained around it.

- NASA scientists, for years, have studied and applied proven Light Therapy (photo-therapy) to provide pain relief and speed up healing using the same technology utilized by TenDlite®.
- Until recent technological breakthroughs in high powered LED lighting, it took far to much money and machinery to produce effective at home or even medical office based light therapy devices. The required light energy output was not possible in a compact, affordable medical device. Fortunately, technology has finally caught up. We are proud to introduce the TenDlite®. With a powerful 1600 mW output of our specific red light wavelength, the TenDlite® by Lumina® is an FDA cleared medical device, under K-100213, indicated to treat all types of Joint Pain
- TenDlite® is a safe, extremely effective way to treat your Joint Pain without the side effects of drugs or risks of infection and prolonged down time caused by injectable steroids or surgeries.
- Doctors and scientists are most impressed with TenDlite's safety and efficacy. Patients are impressed with the incredibly affordable price of this high-tech device. It costs less than 2 sessions of Physical Therapy, and can be conveniently administered at home on your own schedule.



  • FDA cleared LED Light Therapy Device - Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic for your Joint Pain Relief
  • Heal 60% Faster & Stronger by Increasing (by Photo-Activation) local Joint’s Collagen Production = Joint Tissue Repair, Strength, Flexibility & Mobility - Easy, Fast, Safe & Painless Therapy: Just shine the Light for up to 1 minute Directly at the Joint or Disc.
  • TenDlite® utilizes state of the art technology used on Pro Athletes by today's leading Doctors, Physical Therapists and Trainers. Now you can successfully treat your injury at home for a fraction of the cost.
  • Drug Free | Not Addictive | No Side-effects | TenDlite® stimulates your body's own healing process, shortening Tendon recovery time
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty. Not Available in Stores - Order Here!

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What parts of the body can it be used on?

TenDlite® is used for arthritis and pain relief for muscles and joints such as fingers, ankles, shoulders, knees, etc.Therapists may also use it for meridians and acupressure points.

Is it safe?

Yes, the wavelengths used by the TenDlite® are within the normal visible spectrum of direct sunlight, with no UV or any other harmful whatsoever.

Is there any scientific research to back it up?

Studies have shown that LED therapy is effective for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation where heat is indicated.

Are there any other benefits?

There are studies which show that 660 nm LED is also
effective in promoting healing for other surface tissue areas, such as nails, gums, cuts, burns, scars, age spots, overall skin health, and even stopping hair loss. However - TenDlite and TenDlite® MAKE NO CLAIMS FOR ANY OF THOSE BENEFITS, and is still in the process of testing in those areas. These studies have not been completed.

How does it work?

LED Phototherapy is a highly effective method of delivering therapeutic thermal energy as well as increased circulation into the tissue of the treatment area. LED Phototherapy is more and more becoming the method of choice among therapists and sports trainers. What separates TenDlite® from other products?

TenDlite® delivers approximately 3 to 5 times more optical output of power than leading competitive products, which puts it on a par with some professional machines in terms of power output, helping toward a quicker more effective delivery.

If I have a serious injury should I rely on the TenDlite®?

No. Always consult a physician for injuries or any other medical condition.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes, if not satisfied for any reason, send it back within 30 days for full refund.

Other Questions?


Product Description

The Ultimate High Power Pain Relief Device

As Powerful as Comparative Devices that sells for Thousands of Dollars. Spa and Clinic like treatments from the comfort of your home.

Affordable Professional Equipment

TenDlite® is made of durable aluminum, small and light weight ideal to be able to take anywhere yet is more powerful than some machines costing much more.



Voltage 4.5 Vdc at 1.0 watt input

Dimensions of Case: 4L x 1W x 1H

LED: Red 660nm

Optical Output 1500 mW

Spot coverage: 1" radius at 1 inch from optic

Power Source: 1 Large Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - 18650 3.7V 3000mah - Please DO NOT USE OTHER KIND.

1 Charger


Warranty Information

TendLite® is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of original purchase. If the Unit should become defective within the warranty period, we will repair any defective parts free of charge. Warranty Service Procedure Contact the Distribuitor TendLite® at: contact@tendlite.com for your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and procedures. Please include the RMA number, a complete description of the problem, copy of original sales receipt and your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Product Reviews For:

TenDlite Fast JOINT PAIN RELIEF | NEW Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic Red LED Light Therapy

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  1. Two steps forward, one step back

    Posted by KC

    This fantastic light therapy works wonders. It sped up my recovery from an ankle injury from weeks to just one week. Five stars all the way for the design and workings. My Grandmother owns one of the earlier models which led me to purchasing my own.

    The previous model took three AAA batteries and worked without any time limitations. This updated model takes an 18650 battery and lasts much much longer than any AAA. Although battery life is significantly improved, the availability of an 18650 is not the same as AAA's. This could pose as an issue for some consumers.

    There's also an added 30-second timeout which is the recommended "minimum dose". Although I realize the need for safety, it does get annoying when trying to use the light in a large area because you need to constantly click it off then back on. It would be nice if the timeout was selectable.

    Overall, it's a beautiful product that works. There's just a couple of quirks that were annoying in this new model. Nevertheless, I'm very satisfied with it.

  2. So far I'm happy

    Posted by Marmy Kodras

    I've had this now for just over a week and I use it regularly! I think I feel better using it. I have several areas that I use it on...knee, heels, wrist, fingers...I play alot of volleyball and so far I would say it's helping...I'd like to come back about 3 months from now so I can report findings then but I'm very happy with the product. Super easy to use, very portable and doesn't take much time at all! Very substantial product, not cheaply made, almost an artpiece really :)

  3. amazing little light

    Posted by JM

    First, The tenDlite is beautifully made. It has a good weight and fits nicely in the hand. Its like a work of art with the brushed stainless steel and the name etched on the side. I was also impressed with the three different power modes, and the packaging was very nice. Second, The tenDlite really works! I originally bought it for my dog who has ruptured ACL's in both stifles {knees}. I had been taking her to the vets for laser therapy and it works quite well. The TenDlite works just as well if not better, {no stress of car rides and going to the doctor and slipping on the tile floor.} I would pay 185.00 dollars for 6 session with the vet so TenDlite payed for its self very quickly. I now use it on my arthritis and carpal tunnel and it works on me as well. This little light is rather amazing. Every medicine cabinet should have one.

  4. Tendonitis and joint pain

    Posted by DRL

    Pain in swollen ankles and knee joints getting better already. I had long suspected that laser light could acheive pain releif. My doctor said I was nuts.

  5. Back Pain

    Posted by Unknown

    My mother had a very painful burning and pulling pain in her lower back near the edge of her tailbone buttock area. The pain ranged from 7-10 or more. She was forced to sit and we applied a hot water bottle to the pain region. Sometimes the pain got a notch better, but it took a long while. I have been using the TenDlite on her pain area for about the 3 days. She said she feels there is a slight improvement. The severity of the pain is lessened enough that it does not overwhelm her. I noticed her jovial personality coming back. If TenDlite takes the edge off, we have our miracle.

  6. Tendlite

    Posted by NJ

    I investigated the technology and found a lot of studies that did in every case find the red light 660 nm did work very well. The NASA research was there. With the light you can see the outlines of your fingers bones & the blood vessels. After two weeks my carpel tunnel is almost gone! Wow what a difference! It does work very well and I am satisfied that they will stand behind the product. I am also using it on a scar I got after skin cancer removal and you can see the improvement. 5 over 5!

  7. TenDlite LED

    Posted by gm8854

    I wish to tell you how wonderful I feel after a few treatments with the TenDlite, before I took the treatment I felt like I was walking on broken glass, and now I can walk almost normal. By the way I had an appointment with my doctor at UC Davis this morning, and she was very impressed with my improvement, and ask me what I have been doing. I told her about the TenDlite and I been treating myself with it since Morning afternoon. She did examine my TenDlite and ask for the web address. She said she will recommend TenDlite to all her patients that has plantar fasciitis.

  8. Took away back pain.

    Posted by Happyguy

    I had incorrectly lifted a heavy box, and strained my back badly which I hadn't done in 25 years. I was in bed for 3 days. Then I got the Integralight and started using it for 1 minute twice a day in 3 spots where the lower back vertebrae got injured, and the pain went down alot. A week later I'm running again and feel almost completely better. At age 53, that was quicker getting better than when I had injured it in my 30's.
    Mark Crouse

  9. The best therapy device for carpal tunnel syndrome

    Posted by Angela & sal

    Love love this device. I have suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome for years and I heard about this therapy device and I decided to give it a try. So glad I did. I can actually function now without the excruciating pain from carpel tunel.
    Thank you so much for develop such a powerful device!
    100% recommend!
    Best of luck to you guys!

  10. IT WORKS - with QUICK & IMMEDIATE RELIEF of Joint Pain

    Posted by Dennis N. (San Franciso, CA)

    The TendLite Fast Joint Pain Relief NEW 2013 product revision proves to be Far Superior than its predecessor the 2012 version. It is bigger, heavier, use 3 AAA alkaline batteries instead of 1 AA battery like the 2012 product.

    1) It delivers more Powerful and High Intensity light spectrum. I owned the 2012 product. When turn both of them on and shine against the wall from the same distance, the 2013 will deliver a brighter, more intense wavelength and broader spectrum than its predecessor.

    2) It has 3 modes of operation. a) High Intensity, b) Low Intensity and c) Pulse (which works well for Vasculitis headache - you must use the dark goggle when use it on the head and near the eyes because of the High Intensity may damage the cornea)

    3) I mostly use the High Intensity mode for Joint pain and it works like Wonder. Faster and Better then anything else that I've had. With this product, I can now put Away all other products such as Joint Pain Cream, portable Massager, Thermal Heatpad.

    4) Small,Lightweight, can be placed on your pants' pocket or purse and can be used immediately almost anywhere, anytime without the offending smell from topical products such as Salonpas.

    5) Excellent Customer support services from the Seller. Very courteous, prompt and even provide available substantial Promotional Product Offers if you qualified. Great Customer Service

    a) the Housing is made by Stainess Steel with smooth surface which is very slippery and may be hard to hold onto and with any FALL onn the hard surface it may cause the LED light to break easily. There is NO Lantern included like the 2012 model.
    b) with 3 AAA batteries, it is a little Heavier yet more Powerful. I should not complain about this at all.

    eventhough the Price is a little STIFF ($195 plus local Taxes if you live in CA) but it is well worth it and it is available almost anytime if carry around with you all the time. Not only that you may Help yourself but I have tried it on many other friends and family members and It WORKED beautifully every single time. Some of them even requested additional information to buy this product for their own use. EXCELLENT RESULTS

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